Sunday Worship

St Andrew's Congregation - 9am


Our services are available live using COVID-19 protocols and transmitted on-line using Zoom. Use this link to Join the Zoom Meeting service.

If you missed our service, then the latest recorded services can be found using the following links:-

service 07/08/2022
Passcode: 7uuQ#2H*

Service 3/07/2022 - sermon + with poor sound
Passcode: eCY=@Or2

service 24/07/2022
Passcode: 58$+^ZpG

Services are relaxed but thoughtful. At various times throughout the year we join together in worship with our neighbours, the local Baptist Church.



Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

To organise a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral please contact us using our Contact Us page, or phone our Minister on 0406 386 558.