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Sunday Worship


If you missed our service, then the latest recorded services can be found using the following links:-

Service 16/06/2024 Disaster Chaplaincy


Service 9/06/2024 Spiritual Blessings

Service 2/06/2024 Uniting World

Service 26/05/2024 Vision Sunday

Service 19/05/2024 Pentecost

Services are relaxed but thoughtful. At various times throughout the year we join together in worship with our neighbours in other Churches.

You are always welcome to join us personally in our services and to join us for tea or coffee with us afterwards.

The services are transmitted live on-line through Zoom and our zoomers share a short chat afterwards which you can join. Use this link to Join the Zoom Meeting service.

or use the QR code




St Andrew's Congregation meets at 9am



Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

To organise a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral please contact us using our Contact Us page. 

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