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Since you are visiting the website of a Christian church, you may like to read here a brief description of Christianity and what it involves. The primary intention here is just to set down a Christian account of Reality, not to engage in argument or debate with sceptics etc, nor to compare that view with other religions. It is acknowledged that brevity means that many questions and issues that arise as you read cannot be adequately covered here. However we do give a few links to short articles on a few of the most likely issues.


Our description is directed towards a genuine enquirer who knows little or nothing about Christianity, including the words it uses, so theological language is avoided as far as possible. 


The key written source document is the Bible. All Christians throughout history have been guided by it, believing its message is timeless and universal to all peoples. What is in the Bible?  It is really about God, Humanity, Jesus, and the Church. These headings are convenient to describe the Christian understanding of Reality, and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.

Chapter 1 : The Bible

Chapter 2 : God the Creator

Chapter 3 : Human Beings

Chapter 4 : Jesus Christ

Chapter 5 : The Christian Church

Chapter 6 : Following Jesus

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