Sunny Lee


Hello everyone, my name is Sunny Lee. I am so pleased to be here at St. Andrews as a student minister for six months from July to December this year. I am undertaking the advanced period of candidacy for the Ministry of the Word, studying at the United Theological College from 2017 up to now. In my family there are my husband, and my blessed twin daughters. My lovely twin girls are not identical, so they have very different personalities and appearances.

Since my family and I came to Australia in 2010 from South Korea, we still have a lot of things to learn here and at St. Andrews I am experiencing the amazing guidance of the Lord within grace and peace. I grew up in the Baptist church, where my Christian faith was formed through discipleship and Biblical teaching. I appreciate the faith of journey in the Korean Baptist church. It led me into God’s calling of ministry at church.

I am interested in cross cultural ministry and mission. During participation in the formation program, I have continually learning about what my special vocation for ordained minister might be. When I was 35 years old, I started to study theology to find God’s calling. As I studied Thai Language and culture in the undergraduate school in Korea, and as I researched Islam with historical methodology through my postgraduate studies, I pray to make connection between learning and practice to be integrated through St. Andrew’s life and ministry.

I deeply thank St. Andrews for giving me an opportunity to go on a journey of ministry together.  I pray for my life and ministy at St. Andrews to be more joyful and faithful in our fellowship in Christ.


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